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Dewey Color System – Predicting People Potential

The World’s most accurate psychometric test – 80% accuracy rating.

Stellar shares a strategic partnership with Dewey Color System in the USA, providing consultancy services to corporate clients in personality testing.

The Dewey Colour system is the world’s first and only validated colour-based personality testing instrument. This is how it works:

Instant, on-line test that predicts behavioural style, occupational interest and preferred work environment

The product is validated at .7 or higher against two of America’s most respected testing instruments*

The Strong Interest Inventory (Career Counselling)
The 16PF (Business and Clinical)

* Statistical correlations report to be published in North American Journal of Psychology

“We conclude therefore that the respondents’ color preferences as assessed by the Dewey Colour System Test are indeed powerful predictors of all Basic Interest Scales of the Strong Interest Inventory and the 16PF. These findings thus open the exciting fact that people’s vocational and career interests can be accurately assessed from their color choices.”
— Rense Lange, Professor of Psychiatry, Sigmund Testing, Dallas, TX & Jason Rentfrow, University of Cambridge, UK

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