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We at Stellar People are committed to making your experience with us a pleasant and profitable one. To do this we engage in an honest and forthright manner to determine your competencies and how you can best use them to the mutual benefit of you and our clients.

Rest assured we will be working hard on your behalf engaging with clients in our Design, Diagnose and Deliver model and as a consequence sourcing talented people to fulfil the assignment.

You can expect a face to face interview and competency assessment and we will be looking for supporting evidence and references. We will also conduct personality profiling to complete the picture giving us all that we need to present you, the candidate, effectively.

Where we engage you on an Interim assignment we will support you fully with our management package to ensure you are ready to commercially engage with Stellar and our clients.

To begin your Stellar journey contact us at We will contact you within 24 hours.

Download our "top tips" document to help you create a compelling CV.

call us now to discuss how stellar can help your business grow, on 0131 272 2855

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